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I am a huge lover of tattoos and it's always a big honour when someone asks to get my art inked onto them. All I ask is for a small donation in return.


With this donation, what you'll get is a physical personalised certificate (postcard size) with your name and the name of the artwork that you wish to have tattooed. What this does is:


  • Fully reassures the tattoo artist that they are getting permission to tattoo someone else's (in this case, my own) artwork onto them.
  • Supports my art and my business.


Just simply tell me which artwork you would like tattooed at the checkout. Another option is that if you buy a print of the piece you want tattooed (if available), you can get a tattoo permission certificate with it for FREE! This also applies if you buy the original artwork if available. ;) I also take custom design commissions, which will come with a certificate included.


Before you buy a tattoo permission certificate, PLEASE check with the tattoo artist beforehand that this can be done! 

Tattoo Permission CERTIFICATE

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