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Did you want to adopt one of my original artworks, yet cannot do so right away? If so, you can secure the piece with a deposit!


Simply add the DEPOSIT to your basket, and say which piece you wish to adopt at the checkout! Afterwards, payment installments can be made here.


Terms and Conditions:


  • The deposit is £50. An installment can be made with this if desired.

  • The original artwork deposit is only for artworks priced at £100 or more.

  • In the event of a sale in the shop, the deposit and installments will pay for the full price of the painting and delivery, not the sale price.

  • Once the deposit has been secured, payment installments can be paid weekly or monthly, and must be at a price of £50 minimum. Multiple payment installments can be paid at one time.This can be done via direct debit, PayPal or via my shop.

  • Paintings will not be shipped until the full payment is made.

  • If there is a 3-month gap between installments, I shall refund any installments paid (except the deposit), and the painting shall be put back up for sale.

  • The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you wish to no longer purchase the painting, any installments paid will be refunded but not the deposit.

Original Artwork DEPOSIT

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