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So I decided to start a blog...

OK, I admit it. I've never been the best person at keeping things updated on the social media front, and I don't think I ever will be. BUT I am willing to change that. I want to be able to connect with fans, followers and fellow artists alike, as well as share what's going on in the whimsical life of E.R. Whittingham... So to get that mindset on, I've not only decided to make more of an effort on posting, sharing and commenting on both Facebook and Instagram, but I've also decided to make a blog. *cue gasps and applause* In this new magical blog, I'll aim to be posting the following:

  • -More in-depth looks at my pieces - so this would include more WIPS than I show on social media, what inspired me to create it, things like that

  • -Promoting new products and Patreon awards

  • Upcoming events, shows and exhibitions - you can find a list of past and upcoming events on my EVENTS page

  • General goings on in my little studio space at The Sorting Office (Eastleigh).

  • Sharing artwork from my favourite artists - I have many heroes ranging from animation artists to pop surrealists and I want to share their wonderful and magical works with you!

  • Perhaps I'll even talk about a favourite film or cartoon - I have about a million favourite films and animated shorts that have inspired me over the years (or simply love to watch over and over) and I'd love to be able to share them with you as well! (This will take me back to my essay writing days when I studied animation at university - I was perhaps one of very few people who LOVED writing the essays...)

And much more! Also, cake. I do plan on sharing the odd cake-related stuff. Other than art and film, my biggest passion in life is sweet treats and I love nothing more than to bake cakes, eat chocolate and stuff my face with dessert! (Hence frequent visits to the gym...) I currently work part-time in an old-fashioned tearoom where homemade cakes and scones are up for grabs! Furthermore, I am very lucky to have a talented amateur cake decorator for a mum and a retired chef for a grandmother who is often baking the yummiest cakes and cookies ever... Where was I? Oh yeah, the blog. Let's see how this blog-thing goes. I'll try to post at least on entry a week to start with. And if all goes well, I'll amp it up to twice, maybe three times a week! Maybe no more than that though. I have art to create, shows to prepare for and cakes to eat and serve as well! Wish me luck, guys! And have a lovely day! :) Emily

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Jul 29, 2018

I look forward to where this goes! :)

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