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Do you take commissions?

I am not currently taking commissions at present. If this changes, this will be announced on social media.

Do you trade at shows?

Yes! Check out my SHOWS & EVENTS page for upcoming shows, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep updated! You can also sign up to my email newsletter on the CONTACT page.

Can I use your work as a tattoo?

What an honour! Of course you can, providing that it is for personal use only. Before you do, there are a couple of things.


First, talk to your tattoo artist first, just to make sure that they’re happy to do it and the piece you have in mind is possible to be tattooed. Tattoo art is a pretty intricate process and some artwork just doesn’t translate well as a tattoo. Secondly, I ask you to buy a tattoo permission certificate from me in my shop. To do so, you can buy a print of what you want done, and receive the certificate for free; or buy the certificate and let me know which of my works that you want done at the checkout so I can fill it in accordingly. This supports my art and business and reassures the tattoo artist that you’re getting full consent. 


I also sell original designs and can take simple tattoo design commissions that will come with a certificate for free. Whilst I am not a tattoo artist, I am working to understand the tattooing process to design tattoos more effectively, and am happy to work with the tattoo artist to make the piece workable.


Once that’s all done, grit your teeth through the pain, tip your brilliant tattoo artist, don't forget to take pictures of the result, and tag me on social media!

Can I commission you for free?

Simple answer: no. By commissioning me; you are paying not just for the piece but for the time, materials, planning, etc.  Plus like everyone else, I have to pay for food, my car, bills, and other things. 

Can I use your artwork for my own use?

It depends. If you wish to use my work for personal and non-commercial use, then go ahead, provided that you ONLY use the watermarked images, leave them unaltered and credit me for the image.


What I won't accept is my work being reproduced and sold without my permission or similar. I won't lie, it has happened to me before and it's horrible! How would you like it if someone stole all of your hard work and sold it for quick and easy bucks? This is an infringement of copyright and may result in taking legal action.

So if you see my work being used and it looks suspicious, please let me know! (And thank you for being an awesome ninja spy for me.)

If you want to reproduce/license my work onto products, please contact me for more information. 

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