Do you take commissions?

I am currently available to take commissions. But I advise that you look at my portfolio before you contact me. I specialise in gothic, vintage-style and fantasy art.

Commission prices will vary from about £20 (character black and white pencil sketch or a small painted log slice, plus delivery), with paintings starting at £50 plus delivery.  Depending on the commission, I will ask for a deposit upfront. This will help cover materials, and time to plan and sketch it out. 

I am also available to take freelance opportunities and tattoo designs. Please contact me in plenty of time and, like with the commissions, I will ask for a deposit upfront.

Where can I buy from you?

I have an online shop. Simply click here or SHOP in the menu.

What are your payment methods?

I accept PayPal and direct online transfers.

Do you ship internationally (outside of the UK)?

Yes, I do ship internationally.  Price of shipping will vary depending on the location and the product.

I would like [name of painting] as [product]/I would like [name of painting] in [size of print] but you don't have it. Is it possible to get one?

Depending on the design, that should be no problem. However, enamel pin designs are an exception to this, as the design and the cost to produce can be tricky, depending on the painting.

Do you trade at shows?

Yes! Check out my SHOWS & EVENTS page for upcoming shows; and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated! You can also sign up to my email newsletter on the CONTACT page.

Can I use your work as a tattoo?

What an honour! Of course you can, providing that it is for personal use only. Though I recommend that you show it to your tattoo artist and talk to them first, just to make sure that it's possible. Grit your teeth through the pain, tip your brilliant tattoo artist and don't forget to take pictures of the result!

I also design tattoos if you want a custom unique design. (See Commissions.)

Can I commission you for free?

Simple answer: no. By commissioning me; you are paying not just for the piece but for the time, materials, planning etc.  Plus like everyone else, I have to pay for food, my car, bills and other things. 

Can I use your artwork for my own use?

It depends. If you wish to use my work for personal and non-commercial use, then go ahead, provided that you ONLY use the watermarked images, leave them unaltered and credit me for the image.


What I won't accept is my work being reproduced and sold without my permission or similar. I won't lie, it has happened to me before and it's horrible! How would you like it if someone stole all of your hard work and sold it for quick and easy bucks? This is an infringement of copyright and may result in taking legal action.

So if you see my work being used and it looks suspicious, please let me know! (And thank you for being an awesome ninja spy for me.)

If you want to reproduce/license my work onto products, please contact me for more information.